Introducing a better way to move

Mobi combines the convenience of ridesharing with the affordability of public transport; reducing congestion and commuting costs across the board.
Carpooling fosters connections amongst colleagues in the same organisation, creating networks and making the ride to work an enjoyable one.

Kicking sustainability goals

Mobi takes an every day act, and transforms it into one of environmental action. Reduce emissions through consciously choosing to carpool for your commute.
Reducing the number of cars on our roads has a significant long-term impact on the environment, and carpooling will play a large role in getting to net zero emissions by 2050.

Build Relationships

Mobi is promoting more communication and connection. When colleagues spend their commute strengthening their relationship while carpooling, you're boosting your company culture and creating conversation.

Want to use Mobi in your workplace?

Join our partner network and help your organisation connect employees for their commute. We offer a wide variety of incentives for businesses to carpool with Mobi and change the way we commute!

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Why ride with us?

Riding with Mobi is an efficient and convenient option to public transport or driving a single-occupant car to work.

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Why drive with us?

Share your ride with a colleague, friends or Mobies to cover the costs of your commute, ease congestion and help the environment.

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