We’ll connect you with others in your organisation looking for a ride. Split the cost of your commute, and reduce congestion while you’re at it.

Why join Mobi as a driver?

Choose your own hours

Have a rider join you for your regular commute, or drive in between classes. No matter what your schedule is like, Mobi's ready to go when you are.

Get paid fast

We'll organise payment from your rider once you've completed your journey, so you can get back out on the road sooner. Plus, you'll be lowering your regular commute costs, too!

We're better for the environment

Single-occupant cars account for up to 80% of cars on the road. Sharing rides with Mobi is an easy commuting choice you can make every day to reduce your environmental impact - and you won't even notice you're doing it.

Decrease congestion

Ever stared longingly at the transit lane on the freeway? By using Mobi, you're helping to reduce the number of single drivers on the roads - plus, every rider you carpool with means one less car in traffic you have to deal with.

Here's how it works

Access to a car

To come on board as a Mobi driver, you'll need regular access to your own vehicle.

Let us know you're interested

Download the free Mobi app to start the application process. We'll get you on the road in just a few easy steps.

Submit your documentation

We'll need to verify who you are - so as part of your application, you'll need to submit copies of the relevant documentation. We'll also do a background check, to keep our community safe.

Start driving

Once your documentation has been given the tick of approval, you're ready to hit the road! Find commuters heading the same way, or do extra driving around your schedule. Mobi's as flexible as you need it to be.

Why Use Mobi?

Here's a few reasons to get on board as a Mobi driver:

We’re Safe

We run background checks on users and collect driver's licences, registration details and insurance documents for further verification!

Join an inclusive community

Forget sitting alone in your car for your commute - have a chat, make a friend and be a part of our wider Mobi community.


Earn cash without going out of your way - simply connect with riders heading in the same direction, and you can offset almost the entire cost of your commute. Sounds good to us!