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How does Mobi work?

Mobi is a platform that connects colleagues to carpool together so they can share a ride to and from work or university. We do this by setting up pick up points for drivers and riders to connect with each other for the commute. Once connected, all those within the commute will have the ability to chat with each other and also have pickup pick up times. After the ride is complete, a commute cost is paid to the driver to help offset their commute. As a rider, you will be able to see drivers pick up points around you and will be able to join the different carpool with colleagues. If you’re a driver, we will provide you with the best pick up points in your area and we’ll let you know when a rider wants a lift!

Do I have to connect with colleagues?

In order to make the app as safe and secure as possible, we only allow users to connect within the same organisation.

How do I know it’s safe?

We have implemented a number of safety precautions such as emergency call buttons, as well as GPS tracking if you ever feel uncomfortable. In addition to this, all users that you will be able to connect with must have a registered company email with your employer and will be crosschecked by Mobi.

What if my organisation is not signed up yet?

If this is the case, then we suggest that you reach out to your HR department and advise them of Mobi.

What if my ride is cancelled and I don’t have a lift to work?

If this is the case, then we will advise you to use another method of transport and we will reimburse you the funds paid to commute on that occasion.

For Drivers

As a driver, do I get paid for picking people up?

Yes, each rider will have a commute cost that is then provided to you to offset your commute. If a full-time employee was to use Mobi daily, they will be able to offset their commute costs by up to $105 per week!

For Riders

How much do I have to pay as a rider?

Each rider will pay a flat fee of $3.50 for each commute.