Use Mobi to connect with others and share the ride to work, uni, or wherever you’re going. Relax and enjoy the ride, knowing you’re helping to reduce carbon emissions AND traffic congestion (nice work!)

Why carpool?

It's cost-effective

The average Australian spends $11,000 a year driving to work… but you’re not average, are you? Mobi offers the convenience of ridesharing, at the cost of public transport. You'll split the costs of your journey with your driver without needing to worry about any other sneaky fees.

Move anywhere

Wherever it is you're going, Mobi will help you get there. Gone are your days of looking up the closest station to your destination; your Mobi driver will pick you up from your doorstep, and drop you off at your destination.

Make connections

Everyone has a story, so why not share it with the person next to you? When you share your ride with fellow colleagues, you have the opportunity to network, make valuable connections, and maybe even make a friend!

Do your bit for the environment

Single-occupant cars account for up to 80% of cars on the road. Sharing rides with Mobi is an easy commuting choice you can make every day to reduce your environmental impact - and you won't even notice you're doing it.

Here's how it works


Look for others heading along your route already, or put in a request. You can do this ahead of time, too.


We'll let you know when your ride is on the way, so you can be ready to greet them!

Share the ride

Find out what their taste in music is, swap stories, or just enjoy the ride knowing that you're helping to reduce carbon emissions and congestion.


Let us know how your driver did (they'll do the same). You'll then split the cost of the ride between you.

Why Use Mobi?

Here's a few reasons to get on board as a Mobi rider:

We’re Safe

With Mobi, feel comfortable and safe every time you ride. We only connect you with drivers within your organisation, and we’ll verify all their documentation before they start driving. The app’s rider safety features, like GPS mapping and links to trusted contacts and emergency services, mean you can relax while you ride.

Join an inclusive community

Connect with others in your organisation, and you might find you have more in common than just your final destination. Everyone’s welcome to ride and drive with Mobi, as long as you stick by our community guidelines.

Enjoy the ride

We're here to make the commute enjoyable again. Sit back and relax knowing you'll be dropped right outside your destination, at a similar cost to public transport. Spend your ride getting some work done or talking with a colleague, it's up to you!