Adelaide Named A Top 7 Carbon Neutral City

By mobi

It’s become known that the city of Adelaide is a top promoter of sustainability but it’s actually one of the closest globally to being carbon neutral by 2050.

An article was released detailing the top 7 cities globally that were doing their part in reducing carbon emissions and creating a better environment. The list included Helsinki, San Francisco, and Copenhagen all with a strong push towards creating a better environment for the future.

The city of Adelaide has a wide range of initiatives including the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Action Plan 2016-2021, as well as a variety of sustainability incentive schemes like funding for solar panels and LED lighting upgrades. There’s also a variety of initiatives that target transport as it is known to be a significant contributor to emissions. Under the Zero Emissions Transport Pathway, its noted that private vehicle attribute to 91% of Adelaide’s total transport emissions, and that the SA Gov looking to incorporate more bike lanes and the uptake of zero emission vehicles and carpooling.

Below is their results so far:

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All of these initiatives are definitely paying off as the city has seen a 15% decrease in emissions since 2008 and are on their way to having a renewable energy target of 50% by 2025.

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